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The good door comes from the young CarpenterSmart home innovators

brand effect

Set up R & D, production and sales of modern stainless steel door
manufacturers, collection of intelligent systems System and beautiful
craft as one, dealers and franchised stores all over the country, products
are exported to the sea In addition to many design patents, Yang Jia
carpenter brand into the public eye

Product excellence

Material selection, do not cut corners, products sturdy and durable. We use the car hinge, stainless steel material is solid, each bearing 300 jins, each with 3 doors, the total load of 900 pounds; the lock core is patent certification super class C lock core; the front glass toughened + emerald green coated glass.

Adequate inventory, accurate delivery rate

The automated production technology, modern management mode, the warehouse commonly used materials for more than 6 months an ample supply of production materials, reduce the time of the purchase link, ordinary spot 10 days to ensure that dealers shipment, delivery cycle.

Senior experienced team to ensure
product competitive

Engaged in stainless steel intelligent door industry for more than 10 years,
able to quickly and accurately control market trends. Existing professional
R & D personnel dozens of people, the company will produce 15%
of revenue per year, for new product research and development.
Unique Ao in material technology, design, hardware etc.

Intelligent system and beautiful technology as a whole, to meet the individual needs of customers

Personalized design can be customized to a variety of specifications, colors and styles, to create unique features, through personalized customization, professional skills, fine combination, originality and practicality will be perfect combination, Meet the high quality requirements of our customers.

Exclusive service Houguwuyou help customers quick profit

Create "100 City thousand shop training service ten thousand miles", for each dealer and consumer thoroughly solve all
worries. Strong marketing support, from the store location, unified decoration, skills training, business planning, the company gives full human and material support, to ensure rapid profitability of the shop.

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Foshan City, Yang Jia Jiang smart door industry Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production and sales of integrated modern stainless steel door manufacturers, the company on the basis of inheriting and carrying forward the national enterprises Chinese artisans spirit, set the company's ...