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Net red economic rise, door enterprises how to diversify marketing?


The net red economy is thriving day by day, and the influence of net red is constantly expanding, and this also gives the social economy special marketing mode. In recent years, as people's dependence on the Internet, the business model of Red Net De, 2017, red net business model on the floor again. According to statistics, the Taobao platform top 10 sales of 7 are net red open, China red net along the way to earn pours, thoroughly after blasting the traditional business model. Under such a trend, how should the door and window enterprises utilize this new mode to realize marketing?

The transformation of network marketing solid ground, do not apply mechanically

WeChat daily traffic is self-evident, every day countless mobile phone heavy use, patients in a considerable part of the brush WeChat, using fragmentation of time to grab fragmented information is a lot of people's habits. Large and small enterprises can carry out various forms of publicity, WeChat in various forms, but also is not a new thing.

When it comes to fighting, before the hammer and millet, after Ali and Jingdong, NetEase more strict selection and the media, they use WeChat to spend much of the money has reached to the effect of marketing thousands on thousands of times.

What we see is the result of the perfect conjugal bliss, but there is a prerequisite. These enterprises have a certain reputation, and is in the Internet users have a greater proportion of popularity. Their understanding of this field is not comparable to the general doors and windows enterprises, and any large-scale speculation marketing is not just the keyboard men's random farce. They take a move, what time to go, they are in the early have orchestrated.

Perhaps some door and window enterprises have also stared at this special marketing method, thought that may use the dynamic event to promote the enterprise development, but contradictory demonstration has the risk. I think the doors and windows enterprise can learn this promotion means, use the contradiction to attract users, but should avoid rote.

Door enterprises follow the trend, marketing pinpoint positioning

Some time ago, a door and window enterprises launched a micro film conference, please go to nearly a hundred fans 10W+ number of network anchor rally, real-time live broadcast of the company launched its new products. As the door and window sector, the first to eat red crab enterprises. This new type of marketing through the Internet, red, live and so on, caters to the tastes of many young people. After all, the future belongs to the young, and consumers of door and window products are about to rotate to the younger generation, a good idea following the pace of the times.

But the problem also exists, the so-called Red Net mostly existed in the broadcast platform, the audience most belong to the "grass root" type, are not concerned about Home Furnishing products, so the product marketing for doors and windows not much effect, toil with no gain in the end. Even if the net marketing may not be effective in the short term, but it is a good complement to the Internet marketing tools. Doors and windows enterprises only need to identify the product in line with the net red category, but also to achieve good marketing results.

Analyze customers and seize opportunities

To play Internet marketing, the premise is innovation, and then the top priority is the opportunity. On the Internet every day, such as sea waves, see not see so fast that it features. Marketing platform is not big change, and now, the large platform available is micro-blog and WeChat, we say innovation is innovation in marketing.

How to get ahead, how to make new marketing methods quickly on an existing platform and attract more eyeballs is the question we should think about. Everyone's goals are changing, hoping to make more hot spots. How to analyze customer groups, analysis of customer's personality and characteristics, grasp the preferences of customers, identify the location, and find new and curious way to arouse customers, is the major premise. Make gimmicks, seize the opportunity, but also need to be in this new territory harvest some doors and windows enterprises, Kung Fu points.

At present, full access to the Internet era, the user needs more comprehensive, large wave of doors and windows enterprise wants to be in a slice of the Internet, more is to identify the timing, reasonable planning, can in this field make a difference.